A student who continues his higher education experience in the US.

Extracurricular Activities

Throughout my education life, I took part in various organizations and institutions in positions such as manager, team leader, volunteer. I developed projects and organized webinars. CodeCort is a Non-Profit Community created to help disadvantaged people who want to learn coding. I am proud to start this organization.


You can check CodeCort’s Linktree page here.

LinkedIn Page

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Let’s Get In Touch

yYou can always contact me to have information about the areas I have worked and experienced so far. Well, that’s my mindset, “Your Network Is Your Net Worth.”

Do not forget to contact me to consult about studying abroad, to get technical support in the fields of data science and cloud..

Social Impact 

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Spotify Artist

I share my songs on Spotify. Also, I have a podcast series.

Github Profile

Check out my Github account to review my projects in artificial intelligence, data science and AWS.

Tableau Public

Tableau is an important tool for data visualization and interactive dashboard production.